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Never forget to use condom, if you want to have anal sex. There is a golden rule which states that you can go from oral and vaginal sex to anal sex, but you can never go from anal sex to either vaginal or oral. Always ensure to clean up properly after anal sex.

I would be recommending a ten step plan for safe and pleasurable anal sex, once you adhere to it, you would really enjoy anal sex.

Ten Steps Plan for Safe and Pleasurable Anal Sex

  1. Hygiene: This is quite important, always go to the bathroom to empty your bowels and visit the bathroom afterwards to clean up. If in a hurry, use baby wipes.
  2. Make use of a towel: Make sure you use a towel to cover the sheets, because body fluids and lube can easily stain the sheets and a towel would be much easier to clean.
  3. Lube: A feature which is not present in anal sex is self-lubrication. Unlike the vagina which Is self-lubricating. So for anal sex, always ensure to use lots of lube for easy penetration.
  4. Foreplay: Never skip foreplay. You cannot be in a hurry to have anal and then you skip foreplay, because it would lead to injury. An act of foreplay would help tease the erotic nerve endings.
  5. Protection: This can never be stressed enough. Even if both parties are married, condom should be used for anal sex, to avoid contracting any form of disease.
  6. Slow Penetration: You need to take things slowly, you can start off with the tip of your penis, or butt plug, to make your body more comfortable. Ensure to use more lubrication if there is any need for that.
  7. Go on Top: Always ensure your partner goes on top, especially if they are first timers, this would help you to dictate pace and penetration depth.
  8. Communication: This is quite important when it comes to sex, communication is quite important. Tell your partner what to do, dictate the pace and tell your partner how you love it.
  9. Your Body: Always listen to your body. If it hurts, listen to your body system and stop. It is not a competition, and it is totally proper to say no.
  10. After sex care: Once you are done, take some time to reflect upon the sex and how good it was, this is an important point that cannot be underestimated.

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