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A small penis should not cause much worries, has it is causing in sexual relationships regularly. An erect penis has an average measurement of about 5 to 7 inches. If your penis happens to be shorter than this, `and you feel you are at a disadvantage, I would gladly tell you that you are wrong. The length of your penis does not matter much, it is the width that does most of the work.

There are also some specific positions, in which would help you get deeper and make her feel full, while you would feel larger. However, one important factor which cannot be skipped is foreplay. Regardless of the size of your penis, foreplay is really important for wonderful sex. If she is really close to cumming during foreplay, it would be easy for her to climax once you start penetrating. During foreplay, play with her tits, spank her, lick her clits, finger her, do whatever you need to do just to make her climax or almost climax before you go into these positions which would make you feel larger:

  1. Doggy: This sex style is quite popular among everyone, this is where the woman bends over and you begin penetrating her from behind with your legs opened, this way you can penetrate her easily.

  1. The Snake: This is quite similar to the doggy position, but in this position the woman has a pillow under her hips, and your genitals should be just behind her bottom, slide her thighs to allow for penetration and then slide you way in. Do not place your weight on her body.

  1. V- formation: Here, the lady rests on her back instead, then you get to a kneeling position, lift her legs up, hold her ankles and spread her legs to form a V- shape.

  1. Rabbit Ears: Just like the V- formation, but here you would have to put a pillow under her bottom, and keep her knees close to her ears for deep and easy penetration.

  1. Woman Sitting: The major aim here is to hit the top wall of her vagina as you penetrate her. To do this, the man would either kneel or stand, while the woman sits on the edge of the bed.


The size of your partner’s penis does not mean you should not enjoy sex, once there is a connection between both partners, then the sex would become really enjoyable. You can try these sex positions and attest to how enjoyable the sex could be even if you penis size is below the average size.

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